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Feb 19, 2020

In this episode, I go allllll the way back and tell you how it all began.  How I got on this path to financial freedom.

First off, I grew up poor without many resources.  I saw what was happening at my home and knew that I did not want that life for myself.

Secondly, I started working early on and kept multiple jobs which led to multiple streams of income early in my life.  I was “side-hustling” before I even knew that was a thing!

Third, I switched from the Army Reserves to Active Duty in the Army. My military career came in “clutch” for me in my life!

Fourth, my military career was my ticket, my mode of transportation to get to my end result, which was FIRE. 

And Last, I discuss the 5 things that I did to further my financial freedom journey! 



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