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Nov 18, 2020

On today’s episode we talk about how to plan for the financial future you want.  First we talk about short, near, and long term financial plans.

Just looking at this year alone, I saw everyday things that will cost money and I didn’t even do any hard digging to come up with those!

Once we get past this year and start looking a little further out, we see what major purchases we need to make and if we are financially prepared for them. 

We talk about moving past the foundational stuff of getting “a hold of” our income and expenses and then we discuss how we can do some preliminary estate planning. 

Nothing complicated, we just take one step of checking our bank accounts to see if we have payable-on-death beneficiaries on our accounts. 

We talk a little about life insurance policies and if they are sufficient for our family’s needs.  

Then we end by thinking about the financial legacy we want to leave behind.  


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