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Hello, Hello and Welcome to The Manage Money Build Wealth Podcast!  Let's connect!

Aug 26, 2020

So!  On today’s episode we talk about debt-to-income ratio!  What it is and why it is important for you to know yours if you want to do ANYTHING with credit!  

I give you the formula and the 1-2-3 simple process! Happy calculating!!!!

I also finish gushing over the reviews that I have received on the podcast thus...

Aug 19, 2020

Today's episode is part two of my interview with Stephanie Davis of Finances on Point!

We finish the interview by talking about how Stephanie had a mindset shift and changed her dominant thought from 'buying whatever she wanted with her hard earned money….' to 'paying off her debt and buying her very first rental...

Aug 12, 2020

Today you get to enjoy an interview that I did with Stephanie Davis of Finances on Point!  That is her Instagram name and also the name of her website! 

Stephanie is a Certified Financial Educator, Real Estate investor, and Creator of Finances On Point - a financial empowerment community that teaches women to destroy...