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Hello, Hello and Welcome to The Manage Money Build Wealth Podcast!  Let's connect!

Nov 4, 2020

On today’s episode, the very first thing I talk about is my FREE LIVE Webinar that I am hosting on Nov 13th!  And how if you want to get your mind right, master your money, and plan for your future--you need to register for this webinar!!


Register for the webinar and I’ll see you Live on November 13th with alllll the juicy details!!!!

The next thing I talk about is how you get the pleasure of getting to know me, your host, a little bit better!  I am coming up on my one year anniversary of the podcast, so I thought I would end the year the way that I started it by telling you a little more about myself.

I start off by talking about my siblings, my parents, and some of my childhood shenanigans.  I discuss my military career, my travels, life after the military, my family now, and my hobbies.

I go on to talk about historic houses, cars, running half marathons, buying homes, music, and more!

So I hope you enjoy this episode of getting to know me better! 

See you at the webinar, click the link to register:

Position Yourself For Wealth Webinar



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